Link: A Day In The Life Of An Angry Transsexual

Dealing with microaggression is a bit like standing in a hail storm. Though each individual pellet of ice may sting, no single one on its own can do real damage. But together, they can punch through car wind shields and strip the bark off trees.

Each microaggression impacts the self-worth of an oppressed person, makes them feel invisible, makes them feel uncared for, makes them feel hopeless that anything will ever change. Over time, it all adds up.

To help illustrate the way microaggressions work, I offer you this dramatized “day in the life” of a young urban trans guy—specifically, me. All of the incidents described herein have actually happened, though not all in the same day. I have compressed time somewhat in order to quickly give you a sense of the impact that microaggressions can have, when in reality these incidents may have occurred over many months. Think of it as being like a time-lapse video—it shows a process exactly as it occurs, except for its being very accelerated.

(via tranarchism)

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