I asked for advanced science in 9th grade because I wanted my courses to count towards college admission. My high school counselor said, “Oh, but  you’re not going to college.”  I was 14 and in east Los Angeles. I am Latina and about to finish my PhD.

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March 25th, 2011 | Comments (1)

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  1. ZKR:

    I have known two Deaf Latin@ people who, from what they told me, grew up around people who for the most part simply assumed that they would drop out of school and never go to college or “succeed” in any other academic or professional sense. This included teachers and classmates. White people believed they would fail because they were Latin@s, hearing people assumed they would fail because they were Deaf. For one of the two people I’m thinking of, I had the opportunity of teaching him for a semester in college and cannot understand how any teacher could have looked at anything he has written and not recognize his high intellect and academic skill. They must have been too busy looking at his racial background to see what was right in front of them.

    Both had one person in their life who believed in them (for one, her Aunt; for the other, I think his mother). I don’t know if either have pursued a PhD, but I know both did complete masters’ degrees. One went on to become a teacher for Deaf children: she was (and I assume still is) deeply committed to showing all children, including the Latin@ students, that she believes in their potential.

    It’s awful that this form of racism seems to be so prevalent.

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