Oh… So I’m just going to put that you aren’t sexually active at this time.

My gynecologist’s reaction to me revealing, when she asked about my sexual activity, that I only have sex with women. ¬†Made me feel like nothing I do with women will ever “count” the way it would if I was with men.

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January 30th, 2012 | Comments (4)

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  1. Nina:

    It’s sad that people in the medical community are still this ignorant.

  2. Lucy:

    Girl, don’t take it that way. S/he is a gynecologist! S/he doesn’t care about the sexual activity you engage… if you had intercourse with men, there are things that you have to take care of. As in, taking the pill or doing some kind of birth control, doing anayisis for STDs and different kinds of cancer (sorry, don’t know the name of that study in english), etc. With women this doesn’t apply… your gynecologist doesn’t have to know about your private life, s/he just cares about your body and helps you take care of it.

  3. mockingbird:

    Well, actually, TECHNICALLY, it is all true, isn’t it?

  4. Ally:

    My ob/gyn is a really young and cute butch gal. I’m 40 and dealing with a couple of miscarriages. She asked about my stress, my orientation and whether I was sleeping with any of my roommates. Apparently this university hospital screens for domestic abuse.
    First time in 2 decades a doctor actually included bisexual in the sexual activity questions and wasn’t uncomfortable about my unconventional answers.
    I was very impressed and she was very supportive.

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