“You used to have such a dyke haircut,” someone says to me all the time. 1. Why the implication that “dyke haircuts” – and therefore lesbians – are unfeminine and unattractive? 2. Why does this person get away with telling me I’m unattractive? What if I am attracted to women?

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March 23rd, 2012 | Comments (8)

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  1. Virginia:

    Totally agree with you. What can you say to such a comment?

    • Donny D.:

      One reply might be:

      “With that haircut, I was attractive to the people that I wanted to be attractive to . And if you didn’t find that haircut attractive, I’m happy with that.”

  2. ToruKun1:

    I hate this shit. My little sister wanted a mohawk but my dad told her no because “Guys wore mohawks during the war** to make them look scary. I don’t like girls with mohawks because it makes them look ugly and scary.”
    Because heaven fucking forfend a woman look unattractive!


    • Donny D.:

      And it’s especially important that she not look unattractive to a man who has tough guy fantasies about male WWII soldiers. [rolling my eyes]

      • ToruKun1:

        OMG “male tough guy fantasies about WW2 soldiers”. Made me cringe ‘cuz it’s so TRUUUUUE. Goddammit, dad >_>V

  3. Donny D.:

    Why does this person get away with telling me I’m unattractive?

    Because you don’t bust this person’s chops (figuratively speaking) every time she or he says this.

  4. Arsepolitico:

    What if your hair doesn’t grow to “feminine” lengths?
    (don’t ever talk crap about black women & weaves, people not on this website!)

  5. Rob T:

    Im new here on this site. is this person lesbian? or was the last part sarcasm? I get standing up for people’s rights, but if you are a straight girl, Is it not advantageous to have a good looking haircut, which is usually longer than a pixie cut or other similar styles? ( i think dyke haircut is the wrong term to use)

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