When helping my brother unload a truck recently, the men always insisted on carrying the larger items (which I was capable of carrying myself, mind you) and handed me smaller items. Carrying the larger items is apparently more appropriately mens’ work. Even though they are just being considerate, they are making assumptions with no reasonable basis.


March 23rd, 2012 | Comments (5)

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  1. Alex Holland:

    Apart from the fact that men have far higher levels of testosterone on average; and therefore it’s a matter of scientific record that they tend to be significantly stronger than women?

  2. Erica:

    I know the men in my life do such things because they consider themselves gentlemen. They’re not doing so because they think I’m weak, but because 1) it makes them feel better about being big strong men and 2) they like doing nice things.

  3. Dan:

    This is kind of a tough situation to deal with from a guy’s perspective. I know that women are strong, because one time my little sister beat the crap out of me for asking her to lifet heavy objects when she was moving in to her apartment. (:

    All jokes aside, a lot of women would get pissed if you started handing them the big objects to carry. I’ve never been in a situation where a woman insisted on lifting heavy objects, but I would be happy to let them if it ever came up.

    I just think most guys will just try to pick up the big stuff, because it’s kind of expected of us. And for every woman would get offended by this, there’s probably 3 other women who would get mad if we handed them the heavy objects. So it can kind of be a lose lose situation for a guy, and it’s a safer bet to pick up the big stuff ourselves.

  4. Tim:

    Without being at all unusual, my upper body strength is about double my girlfriend’s. Of course I carry the heavier load. She’s perfectly capable of it, but a comfortable load for me is a heavy one for her.

  5. Shio:

    Difficult situation.
    To be fair my mother often hands me lighter objects because she knows I can’t lift heavy things.
    The assumption is irritating, yes, but you could always just pick up a heavier object yourself and show them? Or just say ‘I’m fine, thanks’ and smile. Usually they won’t need to be told twice.

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