Our principal tells us via intercom system some basic announcements. Proceeds with a few innocent reminders about school policy on dress code. Then – “And ladies, please make sure you’re not showing too much cleavage. We don’t want our male students getting distracted!” Excuse me?


March 23rd, 2012 | Comments (4)

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  1. Donny D.:

    Does this idiot principal think he’s being clever by saying that?? Sounds like he could do with a few “humorless feminist” mothers on his neck.

  2. jasmingles:

    it seems like a mostly harmless joking comment

  3. Rob T:

    is the principle a man or woman? not that it really matters, but commenter above assumes man

  4. Sarah:

    It assumes that only men are distracted by clevage, and two it is the responsibility of the woman with clevage to essentially protect herself from being objectified. Shouldn’t we simply teach our students how to respect each other? Wouldn’t you include a comment about sagging pants, as many teenage boys do this? “Be careful not to show too much butt out there boys, we don’t want the ladies becoming distracted!”

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