Often when I have dinner at people’s houses, they ask me if I would prefer chopsticks, regardless of the meal!


March 23rd, 2012 | Comments (6)

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  1. Dylan Hoover:

    Sometimes, when I go to people’s houses for dinner, they ask me if I want a spork. I always take it because, hey, free spork!

  2. Andrea:

    For whatever it’s worth, the same thing happens in reverse to some white Americans (and I assume, people from other western nations as well) when traveling in Asian countries: they are sometimes offered forks because they apparently think we don’t know how to use chopsticks–they act surprised to see us use chopsticks. Or, when I was in Ethiopia some months ago (where they eat with their hands) someone started to ask the restaurant staff to get a spoon for me until I said it wasn’t needed.

    But I can see where it would be more annoying to have to deal with it when you grow up in a country (not just visiting) and thus have to get this response all the time. Not even mentioning the subtle implication that they assume you aren’t just as much “at home” in your own country as they are.

    • Tim:

      Same here – I always have to ask for chopsticks every time I go for chinese food, even at places I go to every week. Sometimes have to awkwardly try to get the staff to take back plastic cutlery I won’t use and don’t want to waste :S

  3. ToruKun1:

    That is so cringe-worthy. Goddammit, white people (I’m assuming it’s mostly white people who do this but ya never know).

  4. roger:

    sounds like they are just trying to be considerate and accommodating. just say no thanks and enjoy the meal?

  5. Shio:

    Happened in reverse to me while home staying in Japan.
    My family was impressed and complimented me on my chopstick use, when I was modest they laughed and pointed to their youngest child who was about eight and still only used her chopsticks in a fist.

    But the only time they offered me a fork was when I tried to imitate their way of eating runny fried eggs with chopsticks, I stuck it out. :D

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