At my (all female) high school, we were not allowed to go to school dances unless we had a male partner from an approved school. We could not go alone, we could not take a female friend, and no one dared ask if we could bring a female lover.

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March 23rd, 2012 | Comments (4)

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  1. Dylan Hoover:

    I’ll be your female lover, sweet thang.

    • ToruKun1:

      Your comment = not helpful or productive.

      How is it that this garbage gets published but my stuff doesn’t?

  2. Donny D.:

    I hope someone dares ask soon.

    (Is that a religious school, or just an uptight private one?)

  3. T2H2O:

    I think it’s weird that y’all couldn’t go alone, but I don’t see how that one aspect is micro-aggression

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