“Well, so what that I forgot it? It’s not something that a man thinks about. That’s not the kind of thing a man is worried about.” My partner said this to me when he forgot to bring home a pregnancy test from the store.

March 31st, 2012 | Comments (7)

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  1. Donny D.:

    Wow, “so what”. REALLY???

    On this site, that’s the kind of thing women usually write about EX-partners, husbands and boyfriends. I hope you’ll be one of those women soon.

    Seriously, what a pig….

  2. ToruKun1:

    That guy can just go fall in a ditch and get man-pragnant. >:(

  3. ToruKun1:


    Speaking of man-pragnant, this guy’s a fucking idiot ‘cuz yanno, there ARE men who worry about these sorts of things…TRANS MEN, HELLO!

    (that and cis men who actually care about the reproductive health of their partners)

  4. island:

    I miss how vibrant this site/community used to be. I’m really hoping it comes back to life soon.

    • ToruKun1:

      I wish they hadn’t taken this place off Tumblr. FUCK THIS SITE RE-VAMP T^T

  5. awkwardturtles:

    seriously. this was a major outlet for frustration and source of education for me. but now it seems to hardly ever update and is much less active :(

  6. island:

    Yeah, ToruKun, I especially hate that all the comments were deleted. I do want to wait and see how things work out when/if the site becomes as active as before, though.

    Also, I feel you, awkwardturtles. I’ve always been more of a lurker, but I really enjoyed reading the discussions on this site. This place was actually what brought me into the world of social justice, and I’ve learned a ton since I first came here.

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