“You shouldn’t come to the construction site. You’re a distraction and it’s hard for us to get work done. It’s not your fault so don’t take it personally, but that’s just the way men are. Why don’t you stay in the office and I’ll check on you later?”


April 21st, 2012 | Comments (3)

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  1. T2H2O:

    How is this offensive? Construction sites are DANGEROUS! I’m surprised we let ANYONE near them, but it has to be done. being a woman, in something other than a construction crew outfit I’m sure, would make you stand out in a construction site, thus immediately being even a split second distraction. That could cause something harmful. This is not micro-aggression.

    • Shio:

      I’d have said ‘bugger off, your libido is not my concern.’

      To the person above, you don’t know the context and it’s the ‘just the way men are’ bit that is a slant.
      It’s saying that if a man can’t concentrate on his work because there’s a woman around, that woman shouldn’t be there and it is her fault for not being more considerate to him – rather than the man learning to keep it in his pants.

  2. Hope:

    uuuugh, yes it is. She was told not to come to the site BECAUSE she is a woman and men can’t help themselves but to stare at women. I am assuming she worked for the company because she was asked to stay in the office. He didn’t say its not safe, he said you are a distraction and it’s hard for us to get work done cause men are just like that.

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