Sweden’s culture minister commissions a cake of an African woman, supposedly representing female circumcision.

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April 21st, 2012 | Comments (7)

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  1. Donny D.:

    This is just unreal. Its like something from the movie Bruno. In fact it’s very much like the lunch with Latoya Jackson, only worse. But in that film they tried extremely hard to do everything in bad taste. In what alternate universe are these Scandinavian politicians that they think this is a cool thing to do? Seriously! What bubble were they living in that they didn’t this think this would be perceived VERY negatively?

    If this was in Sweden, that country has an ongoing Nazi and racist problem. I was under the impression that Nazis have been murdering people there. Stieg Larsson was an anti-Nazi and anti-racist activist because there is a PROBLEM with Nazism and racism in his country. He was by far not the only person concerned about racism in his country.
    So now that microaggressions is acting like it’s on tumblr and new entries have been posted, does that mean microaggressions is “back”?

  2. Donny D.:

    And by the way, Stieg Larsson was very concerned with sexism and violence against women. The Swedish title of his first novel wasn’t “The Girl Who [does or has this or that]” but “Men Who Hate Women”. Misogyny plays an important part in the villainy in least two of his three published novels. As a political activist, he was very involved with the discussion about how to deal with female circumcision.

  3. ToruKun1:

    Everything about this “art thingy that is…supposed to make a statement?” is barf-worthy. How could those people fucking eat that cake? How could they laugh and smile at the “woman” being cut into screaming?

    This shit is like Sarah Baartman in cake form. >:L

    • Winkie:

      Not necessarily to defend the piece, but this particular observation has popped up a lot in discussions about the piece, and it’s worth noting that a lot of folks’ natural reaction to extreme discomfort is to smile or laugh. Reminds me of that episode of Modern Family when Claire can’t stop smiling every time she has to tell someone the neighbor has died.

  4. Ari:

    The Culture Minister did not commission, had no prior knowledge of nor input on the creation of this cake. This post is frustrating because it misrepresents an already complicated event.

  5. Arsepolitico:

    That’s pretty macro.

  6. Ray:

    lmao, people are getting offended at stylistic representation of a horrific act intended to bring awareness, instead of the horrific act itself. thats insanely sick.

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