My male dog is wearing a ribbon tied in a bow around his neck. When my grandfather sees him he exclaims loudly, “Jake! You’re a poofter! It’s not enough that you’ve had your balls cut off.  Now you’re a poofter as well!”  Then asks me incredulously why he’s wearing a bow.


May 2nd, 2012 | Comments (6)

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  1. ToruKun1:

    It always seems to be men who fret the most about dogs being neutered…

  2. konkonsn:

    My dad won’t let us put ribbons on our male poodles because, “No, they’re boys.”

  3. cool zhir:

    wow cant believe this… so much shame in the world..

  4. Andrea:

    Is this site going to become active again? There used to be dozens of new items every month … now it has been weeks since the last new items, and not that many for a while before that also. If the people who started this site are losing steam I hope they find a way to bring in some “fresh blood” to help with the work of screening and posting “micro aggressions” again.

    • ToruKun1:

      Honestly, I wish it was still a Tumblr blog. It totally died once it became a regular old site. :\

  5. Dan:

    Honestly, I don’t think dogs really care about wearing ribbons. It is sad when they get neutered though.

    My family had a male dog who was a total baller. He was this little terrier who wanted to fight any male dog that was bigger than him. We tried to put this coat on him, and he flipped out. He hated clothing.

    He got laid a few times and had a bunch of kids, because the breeder we bought him from wanted to breed him.

    So needless to say, it was sad when he got neutered. This dog was little. He had to deal with bigger dogs, Puppies were often bigger than him. He had to deal with bunnies, squirells, vacuum cleaners, airplanes, gusts of wind…

    And then he has to get neutered. Honestly, it was sad when that happened. But ultimately, he triumphed in the face of adversity. Just later, when our female dog, who is the sweetest and most upbeat dog in history got spaded. She had to wear one of those cones, (as far as she knew, for the rest of her life) and it never broke her spirit.

    I’m proud of both dogs for their courage. I think if a male dog likes wearing ribbons that’s fine. But a dog’s manhood can be important. So it can be a sad event when a guy’s dog gets neutered.

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