I got my hair braided into cornrows after having my hair straightened. A Caucasian boy tells me my hair looks “ghetto and he likes it better straight.” I got really heated and we started having a debate about what is “ghetto.” I won the debate because he basically labeled stereotypical black things as “ghetto” when ghetto isn’t even an adjective and I proved his paradigm of “ghettoness” was half-baked. But at the end of the day it still annoyed me that the natural hair texture God gave me isn’t looked at as beautiful as a straighter hair type.

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June 24th, 2012 | Comments (1)

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  1. LadyCiss:

    OMGness, that situation had me heated just reading it! WOW…Glad you were able to handle that debate as well as you did. What makes people think they have the right to comment and determine what is good or better on another person, especially adding a racially inaccurate and rude comment? FLAMES at the ignorance.

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