“You’re too black to play Katara.”
That still pisses me off. I mean really. That happened in Junior year, but that just stuck with me. It’s probably always going to stick with me. That feeling. That anger. The fact that that guy and I would flirt from time to time. I thought he was my friend- well not exactly like it- but close. And to hear what he truly thought of me…it hurt. It hurt that he said that and laughed, but he was dead serious. It hurt me that he can say whatever the hell he wants because his girlfriend is Asian, so obviously he can’t be racist right? It hurt me that people still see him as this stand-up-guy. Still. Ugh. Just- ugh. Frustrated. Livid. Ugly. Invisible.

February 1st, 2013 | Comments (1)

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  1. Shio:

    When I was a little girl I saw Beauty and the Beast on stage, Belle was black. But I didn’t notice at the time because she was a fantastic actor, was gorgeous, and is still my favourite portrayal of Belle ever.

    White people Cosplay as black characters all the time. (Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena) So who says you can’t do the same in reverse? No one complains when they do it.
    Besides, Katara has dark skin anyways so his argument is totally invalid. :D
    Don’t let one jerk discourage you.

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