This morning, the Today show did a segment on foods from around the world. They highlighted one specific food item from each place.

Some of the places named: India, Scotland, and Africa.

I hope I’m not the only one who finds this problematic.


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  1. Corinne:

    Thanks for posting this! You are definitely not the only one. I can only speak for the U.S., but a deeply troubling thing I noticed many Americans do is treat Africa as a big homogenous conglomerate, like the entire continent is so dismissible and unimportant that we don’t even have to bother acknowledging its tons of cultures, thousands of languages, and the big one: its history. So sad. I think the biggest problem (and this is a generalization) is that aside from ancient Egypt and transcontinental slavery, we’re really not taught anything about Africa.

  2. Andrea S.:

    I once met a woman who introduced herself as being from Africa. I asked her what country she was from. She answered and also expressed great surprise and shock: Apparently I was the first person who had ever bothered to ask. Everyone else she talked to just passively accepted “Africa” as a complete response to the question of where she was from.

    In another, unrelated occasion, I was at an event where people from various countries were being called to the stage and briefly introduced to the audience. As one woman came up to the stage (a woman I knew), the sign language interpreter signed that the woman was from “Africa”. Then after listening to more of the introduction the sign interpreter “corrected” herself by saying, “Oh, she’s not from Africa, she’s from Nigeria.” *FacePalm* Normally when I am sharing a sign interpreter with multiple other deaf people I try not to interrupt the interpreter for anything. But in this case I had to correct her, explaining that Nigeria is IN AFRICA, so that she could correct herself (correctly this time) for the other deaf people there.

    Too many people in the United States (and I’m guessing in certain other countries also) seem to think Africa is one country. It’s a CONTINENT, people! With DOZENS of different countries!

  3. Nia:

    It’s problematic because Africa is a continent full of different countries with an array of cultural dishes, right?

  4. Nicole:

    Africa is an entire continent – not one country!

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