“You’re so young and pretty. You don’t need all these medications.”

My pharmacist, every time I pick up the prescriptions that keep me out of the ER. I’m a young disabled woman.

I got my hair braided into cornrows after having my hair straightened. A Caucasian boy tells me my hair looks “ghetto and he likes it better straight.” I got really heated and we started having a debate about what is “ghetto.” I won the debate because he basically labeled stereotypical black things as “ghetto” when ghetto isn’t even an adjective and I proved his paradigm of “ghettoness” was half-baked. But at the end of the day it still annoyed me that the natural hair texture God gave me isn’t looked at as beautiful as a straighter hair type.

I noticed that when I eat out and order a Coke, I’m often asked whether I want it to be a diet Coke. I asked some male friends about this and they told me it never happens to them.

Sweden’s culture minister commissions a cake of an African woman, supposedly representing female circumcision.

When I try to explain to people that I am, indeed, a native Hawaiian, people usually either laugh or ask “What are you? Albino?” Yes. Yes I am.

I feel like such a fatty, no offense.

My friend to me.

You’ve gained weight!

My cousin’s first words to my mother during my grandmother’s funeral. Made me just angry, very very angry.

You’d be soo pretty if you lost weight.

I’m female, age 7.

I heard this woman on TV say she didn’t feel like a woman because of her weight. I just don’t want you to feel that way.

I’m female, age 7.

I’ll give you $5 a pound for every pound you lose.

I’m female, age 7.

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