H&R Block employee when my best friend (who’s black) and I went to get our taxes done together: “Employed?”
Me: “Yes.”
H&R: “Any children?”
Me: “No.”
H&R, turns to my friend: “Okay, and you. Employed?”
Him: “Yes.”
H&R: “Any children?”
Him: “No.”
H&R: “Are you sure?”
Him: “Um…”
H&R: “Just checking.”
Him: “Yes, I’m sure.”

After purchasing some items in Saks, I (biracial BW female) walk to the elevator to leave where a middle aged white woman is waiting as well. As I stand for the elevators, I watch her look at me as she take her purse from her shoulder and places it cross-bodied across her chest. Wish I said something, like “I’m shopping here TOO you know,” but she was wearing a hearing aid and I wasn’t sure if how well she could have even heard me. Instead I shake my head.

I got my hair braided into cornrows after having my hair straightened. A Caucasian boy tells me my hair looks “ghetto and he likes it better straight.” I got really heated and we started having a debate about what is “ghetto.” I won the debate because he basically labeled stereotypical black things as “ghetto” when ghetto isn’t even an adjective and I proved his paradigm of “ghettoness” was half-baked. But at the end of the day it still annoyed me that the natural hair texture God gave me isn’t looked at as beautiful as a straighter hair type.

Professor: Where did you go to school to write like this?

Me: In New Jersey.

Professor: No, was it a private school?

Me: No, is something wrong?

Professor: Well you say “ask” versus “ax” and your writing is impeccable.

Me: Okaaaaayyyyyyyy.

I’m in an Adolescent Development class, and I’m reviewing the slides and one slide about socio-economic status and achievement stated: Reasons for worse school performance of poor youth? They begin school with a distinct academic disadvantage (scoring lower on tests of basic skills). Genetic (lower IQ) and environmental (less cultural and social capital) disadvantages. <excuse me?

I’m in a Master of Social Work program at an Ivy League university, and my professors and administrators consistently tell me that I have a different background than my clients. They don’t know that I am from a working poor family, and I am a survivor of incest.

The survey-taker notes “female” for me before asking me for my age. I feel taken aback that she could so blatantly ask me every other line item but presume this answer. However, I don’t comment because I’m still too baffled that I am being surveyed about “tourism” at an academic conference, and hung up on the fact that what I consider an excessively expensive work day keeps getting framed as fun tourism vacation time.

In Montreal. I’m a 20-something genderqueer first-generation graduate student. I feel marginalized both for my gender and my SES. What possibilities abound if the sex/gender line were always free response?

Can’t wait to show all my friends my ghetto-fabulous ride. She needs a name…something ethnic….Laquisha?

I looked like a ‘hoodrat.’

White female referring to her appearance when wearing clothes that were too large for her. 

“Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls” – This video blew up on Youtube, and incidentally is entirely a parody of microaggressive behavior. Enjoy!

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