Professor: Where did you go to school to write like this?

Me: In New Jersey.

Professor: No, was it a private school?

Me: No, is something wrong?

Professor: Well you say “ask” versus “ax” and your writing is impeccable.

Me: Okaaaaayyyyyyyy.

People with Southern accents always sound so ignorant and uneducated!

This attitude is prevalent all over the U.S., It’s common knowledge in the South that if you want to be taken seriously, you’d better drop the drawl. 

You pretty much have to be a minority to get into Ivy Leagues.

White girl I just met explaining to a mutual Japanese friend the differences between getting into well known universities in Japan versus America. At the University of Oregon campus & I’m Asian American. It upset me that I didn’t know how to respond to her comment at the time.

My parents regularly recieve mail addressed to Dr. and Mrs. John P___________. My mother has a name of her own, and my parents met while attending the same medical school.

On finding out that I, a Dominican immigrant, was attending a prestigious university, a doctor I was seeing for the first time tells me that she thought “you people” don’t go to college because “you people don’t care.” I didn’t even know what to say.

I return to campus after working all day to find that there is a protest going on. I ask the first person I see, a white male, what the protest is about, and he tells me that it was “only for students” or something like that. I am a student too.  I am also a brown-skinned Hispanic female, I guess to him I didn’t look like a student. I later find out the protest was over a “racist” cartoon. 

Some years ago at a prestigious, predominantly White institution. Made me feel erased.

Kids in my class are constantly complaining about people who get into college on affirmative action but brag about their legacy credits at Ivies. They say affirmative action is unfair, racist against white people, and dismissive of personal merit, but they don’t realize how hypocritical they are. I am biracial Korean-white junior enrolled at a well-known private day school in New England on full scholarship.

I asked for advanced science in 9th grade because I wanted my courses to count towards college admission. My high school counselor said, “Oh, but  you’re not going to college.”  I was 14 and in east Los Angeles. I am Latina and about to finish my PhD.

Why would you waste those four years when you could start having a family?

My boyfriend’s mother in response to my announcement that I’m attending university next year. My boyfriend knew this was very important  to me since I grew up in a situation where a college education was hard to come by. He says nothing. Made me feel shocked, compartmentalized, defensive, belittled.

Oh, you’ll get in anywhere you want. You got [high SAT score] and you’re black!

I’m fifteen and we’re in a group of our peers.  No one points out the racism. Someone rushes to help cover it up. It made me feel infuriated, invalidated.

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