My close friend is Armenian, and her father has friends in the Armenian community in Watertown, much of which is located on Franklin. In these last 24 or so hours, one of his friends have received calls, threatening or yelling at him just for being Armenian. Allegedly, these calls have blamed Armenians for helping the Russians, though this man did not help the suspects at all. Like everyone else, he was only trying to lay low and stay safe. He has received at least 5 of such calls.

Me: Hey, should I go to a steakhouse or to a sushi place for dinner with my family?
Friend: I think you should go to the steakhouse because you guys know how to make sushi, right?

I always get asked to be an interpreter for patients who are not native English speakers, specifically for those of Asian background. Because I am of Asian background as well, there is this assumption that I speak every language in Asia or that there is only one language/country in Asia. Unbelievable.

When I try to explain to people that I am, indeed, a native Hawaiian, people usually either laugh or ask “What are you? Albino?” Yes. Yes I am.

I’m in an Adolescent Development class, and I’m reviewing the slides and one slide about socio-economic status and achievement stated: Reasons for worse school performance of poor youth? They begin school with a distinct academic disadvantage (scoring lower on tests of basic skills). Genetic (lower IQ) and environmental (less cultural and social capital) disadvantages. <excuse me?

Don’t worry about Mr. ________. He’s just extremely Jewish.

This was said to me by an employee on my first day at a location as the assistant manager.  It was after I attempted to deal with a difficult customer who refused my help because he didn’t recognize me.  The employee did not know at the time that I was raised Jewish.

OMFG! It’s like little Mexico beneath my floors! New neighbors moved in below us and all I hear are babies crying and the bass of latino music!

From a Facebook post from a fellow counseling colleague.

Where’s your Kalashnikov?

A friend’s boyfriend upon finding out I am of Russian origin.

Do you speak Chinese?

A mid-30’s white guy as we walk out of a subway station. I’m Asian American (specifically Laotian/Vietnamese/Mongolian), but wasn’t speaking out loud to anyone and would not have noticed him until that interrupted moment.

Leave your master’s degree off your resume. I think your education and your ethnicity are making white people nervous. That’s why you are not getting a job.

Said by a white person to an unemployed friend of color.

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