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Link: U-Bahn Priority Seat Symbols

Vienna U-Bahn balances the gendering of their priority seat symbols.

Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine talks about talking about race at TedxHampshireCollege!

A brief hiatus | Dear readers, as you may have noticed, we’ve been mostly reblogging our old entries lately. When we come back, we’ll start posting submissions again but also hope to begin integrating a new format for expressing and contextualizing microaggressions – most likely through a short story project. Please check out the Random link for one of the 2000+ submissions from our archives. Thanks!

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via saucy-sarah:

From Ohio University’s Students Teaching About Racism in Society

The Racialicious/Racebending panel at San Diego Comic-Con, discussing casting and diversity in fandom. (via newdemographic)

People confront you, and it’s not once in a while, it’s all the time,” she said. “Each time is like a little paper cut, and you might think, ‘Well, that’s not a big deal.’ But imagine a lifetime of that. It hurts.

Quote about experiences of a mixed race family in the NYTimes.

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[Image description: White woman at Slutwalk NYC rally holds up sign reading, “Woman is the nigger of the world”]

Crunk Feminist Collective: I Saw the Sign but Did We Really Need a Sign?

Colorlines: More Thoughts on Slutwalk: No Attention Is Better Than Bad Attention

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