“I don’t date bisexuals. They’re never faithful.”

Said to me by woman who identifies as lesbian.

I work for an anti-violence organization. I am a lesbian womyn of color and do a number of trainings on lgbtq issues and violence for the organization. At our last volunteer training, a training done for new incoming volunteers, my colleague turns to the class and points at me saying, “After meeting (my name), I now look at these issues differently.” She essentially outs me at every training while presenting on issues of marginalization. She is also not great at receiving feedback so these things largely go unaddressed.

My daughter is a college freshman three states away from home. She’s having some depression so went to college counseling office this week at my insistence. The counselor asked if she belonged to any clubs and she mentioned the gay-straight alliance. He replied by asking “Are you having trouble adjusting because you’ve been rejected by your fellow lesbians?” For the record, she thinks she may be asexual but said nothing to him to warrant his assumption.

“You used to have such a dyke haircut,” someone says to me all the time. 1. Why the implication that “dyke haircuts” – and therefore lesbians – are unfeminine and unattractive? 2. Why does this person get away with telling me I’m unattractive? What if I am attracted to women?

At my (all female) high school, we were not allowed to go to school dances unless we had a male partner from an approved school. We could not go alone, we could not take a female friend, and no one dared ask if we could bring a female lover.

But then who would be first lady? lol

About having a gay president.

Are you lesbian because a man hurt you?

I was facing homelessness after my parents found out I’m lesbian. My only nearby support system was the school I attended. After I explained the situation and disclosed my sexuality to a teacher I trusted with the information, this was the response I got.

While I welcome a majority of the new laws to be implemented this year, I don’t quite understand the required teaching of Gay/Lesbian contributions. Starting 2012 students in California must “receive mandatory lessons” in History classes about Gays and Lesbians, and a ban will be enforced on “teaching materials that reflect poorly on gays.” While I understand the teaching of cultural advancement, …I don’t get how California’s government can justify the need for this. What we want is for Gays, Lesbians, and Straight people to live together in harmony; how does separating their accomplishments do anything good, at all? Is there a “Straight Peoples’ Accomplishments” section in History books, or is that NOT required?

Facebook status of a classmate. 

Granted, you won’t have a normal family.

Sister talking about how having a “gay family” isn’t normal. As if something was wrong about me.  Does she even realize how much that hurts me, and could potentially poison her son’s upbringing?

Oh… So I’m just going to put that you aren’t sexually active at this time.

My gynecologist’s reaction to me revealing, when she asked about my sexual activity, that I only have sex with women.  Made me feel like nothing I do with women will ever “count” the way it would if I was with men.

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